Programme 2022

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Alternative Proteins: Plant-based products

Moderation: Carlotte Lucas, Corporate Engagement Manager, Good Food Insitut (GFI)
Introduction on the market and the alternative seafood opportunity
Alternative Proteins: Plant-based products

The lecture series will be held exclusively in English:

Planteneers GmbH &Co. KG

Green all-rounders - there is so much potential in marine algae: Growth guarantor for new segments, exciting raw material for plant-based fish substitutes and sustainable ocean savior all in one
Deniz Ficicioglu
wunderfish GmbH, Co-founder of OCEANFRUIT& BettaF!sh

Unused but useful? - Aquaculture of jellyfish as an alternative food source
Dr. Holger Kühnhold
Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) GmbH

Cultured fish - a sustainable alternative for future fish products
Dr. Sebastian Rakers
Bluu GmbH, CEO Bluu Seafood

3D food printing for vegan fish products
Dr. Robin Simsa
Revo Foods GmbH, Managing Director