climate-neutral participation

Improve your CO2 balance and show your commitment with your certificate
The first exhibitors are already involved. Do your voluntary contribution now and make your trade fair participation climate-neutral. myclimate will determine your carbon footprint simply on the basis of your completed evaluation form. The deadline to submit the evaluation form to is July 22, 2022.

Realize a climate-neutral trade fair appearance now!

What are the costs?
The label process "climate neutral event" for the stand incl. calculation and plausibility check costs once 149 € net, The CO2 compensation 15 €/t.
The following rule of thumb can be used for the compensation volume: Stand size <100 m² = ~0.2 t CO2 per m²; Stand size, >100 m²; ~0.1 t CO2 per m².
The figures are based on experience and are not binding.

Example calculations by stand size:
15 m² stand, 149 € + (0.2 x 15 m²= 3 t x 15 €) = 194 €
30 m² stand, 149 € + (0.2 x 30 m²= 6 t x 15 €) = 239 €
144 m² stand, 149 € + (0.1x144 m²=14.4 t x 15 €) 365 €

Based on the calculated CO2 emissions, you have the opportunity to offset your emitted greenhouse gases in a high-quality myclimate carbon offset project. As a result, you will receive the label "climate neutral event", with which you can make your commitment visible to the outside world.

All offsets are made in the selected carbon offset project "Clean Drinking Water for Schools and Households in Uganda". The Gold Standard certified project contributes to 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN.